Carol Hutchens
Romance Author
Love, Dreams and Happily-Ever-After

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THE SUBSTITUTE BRIDE [Redbud Romance #1]
A famous heiress and her actor fiancé want to avoid the media frenzy surrounding their coming
wedding so they arrange for substitutes to take their place. When THE SUBSTITUTE BRIDE falls
for her groom, the story starts.

A BRIDE FOR MR. RIGHT   [Redbud Romance #2]
Instead of a job using her shiny new degree, the heroine arrives in Redbud shortly after her
grandmother’s funeral. She inherits her grandmother’s house and business. The bookkeeping
service doesn’t earn enough to pay the bills, but rent on the office is paid for a year so she has
to try to turn things around. But sparks fly when our hero returns to town, buys the building and
evicts his only tenant, our heroine.

WHERE THE HEART IS   [Redbud Romance #3]
Trey Lancer wrecked his race car and almost lost his life so he retreated to Redbud to recover.
But he didn't count on the closeness of his hometown and people talking about his every
move. He's desperate and looking for a way to survive without spilling his deepest secret when
Lily Chase arrives in town. His life brightens with anticipation. But Lily has secrets and a
bruised heart as well. Though Trey isn't sure what the future holds, his dare devil spirit revives
and he tries to temp Lily to let go the past and live for today.
Can Lily ignore her conscience and fall for Trey's charm or will past memories keep them apart?

A Cinderella romance. But instead of three wicked stepsisters, Cydney Eller has pre-mature
triplets left motherless after her sister’s accident. The prince is Dr. Daniel Prince who delivers
the triplets and demands custody when he learns his brother might be the father. It isn’t a glass
slipper, but preemie sized diapers and health emergencies that bring these two strangers
together to protect three innocent babies. Can love follow?

A second chance at love story. After her husband left her for dead when a tsunami hit their
vacation island, Kate Summers returns to reclaim her life. Her return home from the dead is on
the same day her husband is standing in church to marry another woman. Kate’s attempt to
prevent a major legal disaster from happening, throws her right into the arms of THE BEST
MAN. Does she dare trust in love a second time?

WHEN A DOG PLAYS CUPID   [Cupid series, Book #1]
A story clipped from the headlines. When one of her patrons at the pet spa dies, naming Kit
McFarlan co-guardian of a bad tempered Chihuahua that inherited her millions, fur flies. The
woman’s nephew, and the co guardian, Drew Weber wants Kit to take charge of the dog. But Kit
has secrets. She wants out of the pet business, but her grandmother borrowed money from
Drew’s aunt. Kit must repay the loan to honor her grandmother’s memory, but she can not
tolerate the grouchy three pound mutt. Can a nasty tempered ‘rat-dog’ play cupid for two
people needing love?

THE HERO’S BALL...Cupid Book #2
Can Anita Bland find her ‘one true love’ or will her secret part-time job ruin everything? The
beautician takes a second job, posing as a model for a plus-size catalogue, to earn money to
buy her own salon. Will her exposure scare a hero firefighter away when the catalogue is
Can war veteran, Charlie Wakefield, go against his family’s wealth and ambitions to make his
own way in life? Does a name make the man, or do his beliefs stand for something? Can a hero
find the courage to take on a plus-size whirlwind that makes him feel alive?
Cupid dog returns when Anita and Charlie face their true desires.

Lovers reunited on a Medical Conference Cruise. Will this relationship end in love or disaster?
Dr. Claire Hart’s love for her finance Dr. Nick Stone is so deep her miscarriage of their baby
seems like a betrayal to her. She knows Nick wants a family of his own after growing up in
foster care. When Claire sees Nick with another woman in his arms when she goes to tell him of
the miscarriage, her sense of failure is complete. She breaks off the engagement and returns
to her home state leaving Nick with unanswered questions.
Two years later, when he still doesn’t have answers, Nick arranges to meet Claire at a medical
conference. He intends to demand answers, but the pain he sees in Claire’s eyes reveals that
she too is suffering from a broken heart. How Can The Heart Forget...

Romantic Suspense:

Sex, Lies and Family Ties put reporter Mia Clark in danger. When she trips over the body
of an ex-model in the courthouse ashes, Mia is determined to discover the truth. Is her
brother, the senator, capable of murder? Will the need to clear her family’s name make
her the next victim of a murderer? Can she avoid the firefighter who saved her long
enough to find the proof?
Can Judge Jake Stone ignore red tape and give Mia time to find evidence to clear her
brother or is it all a lie? Is she really an arsonist? Will his response to her and his
decision to help her end in a mistake like the one that ended the lives of his wife and

Only a few months married, Jane Bingley gives her first ball to establish her position in
society as Mr. Bingley’s wife. Secretly, she hopes to find suitable husbands for her
younger sisters and Caroline Bingley. Yet, much as Jane longs to see her beloved
family, she worries whether or not Lydia and Mr. Wickham will attend the ball.
Other issues threaten success of the ball, as well, when Jane invites guests staying at
Lucas Lodge. Jane is uneasy as to how Lydia and Lizzy will react when Mr. Wickham’s
former love interest, Miss King, arrives with Sir William and Lady Lucas.
However, none of Jane’s fears included a murder occurring at her ball. When the body is
discovered, Lydia blames not only Mary King, and the Foresters, but her sister, Lizzy as
well. Frantic to salvage the event, Jane convinces Mr. Bingley they must prove none of
their family committed the murder, and she gains an unexpected ally in Mary King.
However, Miss King is also accused of the crime, and Jane and Mr. Bingley face the
possibility of one of their guests being the murderer. Can Jane and Mr. Bingley discover
Who Murdered Mr. Wickham before another guest dies?