Carol Hutchens
Romance Author
Love, Dreams and Happily-Ever-After
About Carol...
Carol was born and raised in rural North Carolina. Reading and
making up stories in her head offered an escape while she did
chores and worked on the family farm.

After a career of teaching home economics in middle school and
high school, Carol turned her creative efforts to writing the type of
books she loves to read...romance novels with a touch of suspense
and love to heal the spirit.

Married for thirty-eight years, mother of two adult sons, and
grandmother to one precious grandson, she considers herself
fortunate to have the support of her family in her writing efforts.   
When she isn't writing, she likes cooking, sewing and holding her
first grandchild.

Carol is convinced her experience in making miniature quilts was
good training for writing because both crafts involve using little bits
and pieces to create the final product. If there is a headline she can
rip, her imagination soars.

Remember, follow your dreams...and read.
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